Be our volunteer

Are you eager to help people?

Do you have free time to help others?

We have partners all around the world where you can give a helping hand.

We all know that charity services, organizations and foundations face with difficulties because they have limited resources. They always do their best to support their people but sometimes they need additional help but they have nowhere to go to ask for help.

This is why CoGoodwill would like to encourage you to help because we know where, how and when you can give a helping hand.

Photographer: Zsófia Hámori
“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” /Winston S. Churchill/

Marta Balint, our Founder and CEO has organized so many volunteering activities where she can see how people react when it is communicated precisely what is needed, who is in need and how volunteers can help. For example she organizes Good2Give before Christmas in order to collect toys, books, clothes for children in hospitals, orphanages and shelter houses. Volunteers can get involved in collecting, wrapping and giving away these Christmas presents. Please have a look at our upcoming and past events!

As charity services, organisations, foundations need your help all year: be our volunteer!

Tell us what you would do with pleasure, where and when you would do it, then we will find a partner for you to give a helping hand!

If you are pleased to be our volunteer, please contact us for further volunteering opportunities at!