How it works

Please imagine a world where you know exactly what other people need and if you want, you are able to help. Moreover you will see what happens to them after your support. Therefore you will be aware of your contribution’s importance. CoGoodwill creates exactly a world like this connecting people who are in need of help with people who want to help. CoGoodwill is a new way of reconnecting people and a new tool for foundations, organisations, charity services with limited resources. On our website you read real life stories of people in need recommended by our partners creating a more personalised way of giving and aiming to solve more social problems in the offline world.

How it works
Photographer: Zsófia Hámori


Our partners recommend real life stories of people who are in need of help. These life stories are published for 45 days (at least) in order to satisfy their needs. Our users are able to help with financial and/or non-financial support. After 45 days people who are in need will receive all financial and non-financial support.

Then their life stories become success stories which we publish again in order to give feedback to all of our users who contributed to their better and happier lives. More success stories we create, happier world we live in. Why wouldn’t you become part of it?

“I am for doing good to the poor, but...I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it." /Benjamin Franklin/

In addition to life stories you support on CoGoodwill, you support our partners too thanks to CoGoodwill Contribution Fee as we have a revenue sharing model which allows us to encourage you and our partners to work on solving more social problems together. We truly believe if we communicate precisely what is needed, who is in need and how you can help, you are pleased to help.

After you support a life story, you can get in touch with all of our users who support the same life story which means you get to know more like-minded people who also want to contribute to a better and happier world. Positive, encouraging, inspiring comments are welcome! Don’t forget: you can help as you want! For further information please visit our Terms and conditions.