Our team

Marta Balint

Our Founder & CEO, Marta Balint believes in people, not in business cards. With her passion about helping other people and making this world a better place she knows how to inspire others. She organises charitable events such as ADNI JÓ! Good2Give! and supports thousands of children every year. She is former director of a global deal matching platform and was selected for Forbes' 30 under 30 2014 in Hungary. She would like to connect with people who want to contribute to a better and happier world. If you are one of them, do not hesitate to let her know:

Email: marta@cogoodwill.com

Skype: marta.cogoodwill

LinkedIn: Marta Balint



Istvan Csurka

Our Founder & COO, Istvan Csurka at the age of 23 was already in touch with the world’s biggest IT companies. There is nothing impossible to him. We benefit from his enthusiastic, hard-working, detail-oriented character and his good friendship with our Founder & CEO, Marta Balint. They have been working together for many years now and they intend to do so having a lifelong friendship. If you may need someone who keeps track of details systematically.



Balint Magyar

Our Founder & CTO, Balint Magyar, organized several domestic and international CR-events during his time at KPMG. He boosted the reputation of European Commission's initiatives by creating engaging coverage videos and reports. Now we are pleased to work with him on a daily basis, after having met him at several charitable events. We also know how passionate he is about finding solutions, and how creative he is when someone is in need of help. Balint has become a close friend of ours. He may be able to assist if you are seeking for solutions:

Email: balint@cogoodwill.com

Skype: balint.cogoodwill



Thoughts from our Founders

„I am passionate about finding solutions which can help people to improve their life standards. As a sociologist I feel that there are so many creative ways to help each other on a daily basis and to contribute to a healthier and happier coexistence all around the world. I strongly believe that CoGoodwill will accomplish these objectives.”

/Balint Magyar/


“Disease, hunger, poverty, homelessness are all part of our lives. We have got used to seeing them, hearing about them, yet do not really embrace them. We often see people who hardly have anything to eat, always feel sorry for those whose terrible story is told to us. The media are full of sad stories of disabled children, miserable families, and people in need… Have we ever thought of being in their shoes for a single day? In those shoes of those who actually experience all these tragedies and try to survive?
Day after day while trying not to give up.
We do not learn in school how we can become a socially open person. This ability is either within us or we tend to develop it consciously. What do I personally find important? We shall preserve what we achieve from life and shall return it somehow: either by financial means or by sharing our knowledge.
It is high time for me to give!
We have created CoGoodwill so that a hand can be given to those who have no more hopes in life.”

/Istvan Csurka/


“I have the opportunity to see how rich people live, what moments they share including Michelin-star restaurants, luxury shops, etc. I also have the opportunity to see how poor people live what moments they share including low standard of living, deep poverty, etc. And you know what else I can see? Sometimes rich people are not aware of the fact how lucky they are and sometimes poor people do not see how poor they are.
They think different. They live different. But after all we want the same: to be happy, to be loved, to be appreciated and to be inspired. We are not different. So why don’t we create a world where everyone can give something and get something back?
CoGoodwill, Community Goodwill aims to make people feel better!”

/Marta Balint/