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Mount Kilimanjaro, Kenya
Hungarikumokkal a világ körül // Salalala Kreatív Kft.

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Hungarikumokkal a világ körül // Salalala Kreatív Kft.

Hungaricums around the world is a Hungarian TV-show, which was founded by a couple of enthusiastic youngsters, whose aim is to discover and present Hungarian roots and heritages around the world. While filming the second season in South Africa, they decided to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, what is not possible without a guide. Their two young sherpas Erasme and Paul shared their stories about how they are affected negatively by the business of tourism working under poor conditions for just a small amount of money. When listening to their stories, they decided to do something.

Contact: Dániel Kurucz ( | +36 30 566 7493 )


Dániel Gábor Kurucz

"Never stop doing little things for others. Sometimes those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts." /Ritu Ghatourey/

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